This guide helps you to install Nestor onto your computer. There are two modes for installation. They are as follows.

Install using local archive

This is necessary only if you did not install using the above method (using PyPI).

This will be a local install downloaded from a recent source code release on GitHub

  1. Download the .zip file of the entire nestor installation from the Github repository

  2. Extract the files to a directory, preferably with write access.

  3. Open a terminal window


Ctrl + Alt + T


Windows + R -> Type ‘cmd’


+ Space -> Type ‘Terminal’

  1. Navigate to the folder where the files have been extracted to (the folder will have the file in it).

  2. Install nestor using the command pip install . (please note the “.” is part of the command)

  3. (Optional Step) Type in pip install .[dash] to install the Nestor Dashboard (Under Development!).

How to automatically build documentation (Optional)

This section is useful for developers of Nestor.

A version of the documentation for Nestor is hosted at Readthedocs. However you may build a local version if required.

  1. If Nestor is not installed and you want to build a local version of the documentation, you can run pip install .[docs]. If Nestor is already installed, navigate to the installation directory and install the Sphinx dependancies by typing in pip install -r requirements/doc.txt

  2. To build HTML documentation navigate into the docs subdirectory of Nestor and run make html. The HTML source code will be created in nestor/_build/html and can be opened with the index.html file in a browser.

  3. To build PDF documentation LaTeX must be installed. As above, run make latex and navigate into the nestor/_build/latex directory. Run pdflatex nestor.tex.