Advanced Use

These features/applications are intended for contributors or collaborators, comfortable dealing with bugs/incomplete projects.

Research Mode


  • If you have not already done so, install the Nestor app according to the instructions.

  • If you have not used Nestor before, read these instructions and get familiar with the tool.

Study Task

  1. Launch Nestor. Select “Research Mode -> New Project” in the top menu bar.

#. Check each of the four checkboxes in the “How do you want the tool to save your changes?” section. In the author field, enter your name or a nickname to differentiate your data from the other study participants. Click “OK.” #.

Use the “Single Word Analysis” tab to tag for approximately 30 minutes:

  1. Select the word

  2. Select similar words

#. Create an alias #.

Choose a classification

At this stage you may take a break if desired before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Select “Auto-populate” in the top menu and select “Multi-Word from Single Word Vocabulary”

  2. Select the “Multi word analysis” tab and tag for approximately 30 minutes:

    1. Check the auto populated words (they will have classifications already selected in the classification column)

      1. Check if the classification is correct

      2. Check if the alias is correct

      3. If yes, hit next word. If no, modify as necessary.

    2. Once auto populated words are checked, move on to other words and create classification and aliases

  3. Go to “Report” tab and hit “Update Tag Extraction”

  4. Select “Create new csv” and save

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